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Everitt Tractors was started back in the mid 1950's by Stanley Everitt. He had a great interest in tractors and farming so started the tractor parts business along with his son, Jerry, who started working the tractor parts business with his dad in 1959, fresh out of high school.


By the late 1970's, Jerry's tractor parts business brew into one of the largest tractor parts businesses in the state of Iowa. After working several late nights in the early mornings at the tractor auction in Chariton, IA, Jerry decided in 1980 to have his own auctions.


By the late 1980's, the auctions had grown and grown as Jerry had taught his two sons and brother-in-law the business, growing it into a huge auction that regularly sold 100 tractors and 500 - 800 pieces of farm equipment.


By the early 2000's, with the businesses continual growth, it branched into 3 separate large businesses. Jerry's son, Jeff, and brother-in-law, Don work the Wisconsin division at Jeff's Tractors/Hastings Equipment in Fennimore, WI (phone: 608-822-6491). Jerry still runs the parts yard at it's original location near Volga, IA (phone: 563-767-2175) and son, Joel, operates the Iowa auction branch near Strawberry Point (phone: 563-933-4188).


Thru the 3 branches, the Everitt name continues to be one of the recognized and trusted names in the auction and machinery business. Since our start in the 1950's, we still believe in customer valued and although we have progressed with the times, we strive to keep good old fashioned practices like keeping loading free for items purchased and refusing to implement the new, deceiving and unfair fees like auction buyers premiums. Our auction and sales staff is top notch with a lifetime of experience and are happy to assist everyone whether it be for daily sales off our lots, or for onsite or offsite auctions.

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